Testing to pinpoint diagnoses    

Unique testing for greater accuracy

Due to the growing prevalence of autoimmune neurological conditions in kids, we offer a comprehensive autoimmune evaluation — the only one of its kind. It’s more efficient and cost-effective than ordering individual antibody tests, while covering a greater spectrum of conditions. We also partner with Mayo Clinic’s world-renowned biochemical genetics laboratory for the most sophisticated technology and processes available for pediatric neurogenetic testing. You’ll have access to top pediatric neurologists, neurogeneticists, and genetic counselors who offer guidance and expertise for a better pediatric patient experience.

We test for:

Autoimmune disorders

Mitochondrial disease

CNS demyelinating disease

Neuromuscular disease

Hereditary hearing loss

Sleep disorders

Reliable results

We use advanced technologies, tests, and methodologies to give you the most accurate results possible for your pediatric patients. This includes using digital droplet pulmonary chain reaction (ddPCR) to test for genetic hearing loss. Our technology is more reliable than all other genetic hearing loss tests used by other reference labs.

Minimizing risk

To minimize the risk of human error in test result interpretation, we utilize technologies and develop unique tests that deliver unambiguous results. For instance, we use kappa free light technology to accurately test for multiple sclerosis (MS) in children. The standard MS test leaves room for human misinterpretation, while ours uses a mechanical process that gives a clear diagnostic result.

Demystifying the once unknown

One of the great challenges in interpreting genetic test results is understanding the role that variants of unknown significance may play in a child's diagnosis. But our technology and expertise changes this. Your care team will receive a detailed report that categorizes variants of unknown significance within the test result, so you can accurately pinpoint diagnosis.

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