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Mayo Clinic Laboratories understands the urgency felt by families when a child is found to have a malignancy. Access to fast, accurate answers is integral to understanding the nature of the illness and making informed decisions on how best to treat it.

Our pediatric oncology testing was carefully developed by a multidisciplinary team of pediatric oncology experts to provide efficient, actionable answers. Our integration with Mayo Clinic’s pediatric oncology practice and ongoing collaboration with molecular geneticists, neuro-oncologists, sarcoma specialists, and genetic counselors propels the development of patient-focused evaluations optimized to identify valuable diagnostic and therapeutic features of some of the most common pediatric cancers.

Fully aligned with testing recommendations put forth by professional medical societies, our pediatric cancer testing includes detailed reports that clarify diagnostic findings, prognostic markers, and treatment associations.

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Unparalleled expertise

Developed by and with expertise from Mayo Clinic geneticists, pathologists, and oncologists, our testing is informed by more than 150 years of clinic experience. Our collaboration with the clinical practice at Mayo Clinic drives development of clinically actionable testing that can help start the youngest patients on the correct care path.

Personalized, patient-centric testing

Patients are at the heart of our pediatric oncology test development and the reason we carefully curate our genetic panels to include only actionable genes. Our panels deepen our understanding of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options, including the latest targeted immunotherapies.

Advanced diagnostics

Our pediatric oncology testing identifies and evaluates genetic variations, including mutations, rearrangements, fusions, and copy number variations. Next-generation sequencing offers increased sensitivity and improved accuracy, yielding a deeper understanding of the unique genetic features of a patient’s cancer to make informed treatment decisions.

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