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For more than 50 years, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has been providing meaningful results to individuals seeking genetic answers. Rare genetic disorders can be among the most difficult conditions to diagnose. To provide meaningful answers, our genetic testing is developed and supported by an integrated team of clinical, genetic, and laboratory experts and uses precision technologies to reveal variations related to diagnosis and treatment. Built around a tradition of placing patients’ needs first, our testing generates personalized insights to elevate understanding of a patient’s condition. 

“We understand supplemental assays come with additional cost and effort, but our commitment to providing complete and accurate results for our patients motivates us to go beyond standard lab testing processes.

Wei Shen, Ph.D., associate director of the Clinical Genome Sequencing Laboratory at Mayo Clinic.

Our difference

Unparalleled genetic expertise
Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ collaborative team of experienced laboratory geneticists, molecular pathologists, genetic counselors, and variant scientists drive test development and apply their extensive knowledge to interpret complex results. In addition to having expertise in specific areas of medicine, our experts are actively involved in the field of genomics and continuously expand their understanding of genetic discoveries, which informs test development. Our team can help guide test ordering and provide interpretive results reporting.

Results you can rely on
Since launching its first genetic assay in 1968, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has supplied trustworthy answers to complicated genetic questions. Our integration with the Division of Laboratory Genetics at Mayo Clinic ensures a robust test development pipeline that enables the ongoing release of innovative diagnostics. For genome and exome testing, we archive our patients’ genetic data and make that information accessible for reanalysis as additional gene-disease relationships are discovered.

Empowering caregivers
Our genetic experts provide consultative services and on-demand educational opportunities to help strengthen your practice, advance clinical knowledge, and increase confidence in our testing. Through educational opportunities, guidance from our clinical specialty representatives, and review of genetic testing orders by our genetic experts, we can enhance test utilization and reduce unnecessary spending.

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