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Custom gene ordering

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In certain instances, tailored genetic testing can be useful to provide insights to guide a patient’s healthcare journey. Our Custom Gene Ordering Tool enables the creation of specific gene panels to meet each patient’s exact needs. After selecting a disease state and customizing a gene panel, a Gene List ID, which is a specific code that directs the laboratory on which genes are to be interrogated, will be generated. Our tool provides instructions, Gene List ID, and CPT codes via email to facilitate test ordering.

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Custom gene ordering

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Frequently asked questions

How do I order a Custom Gene Panel?

Custom gene ordering is available using the Custom Gene Ordering Tool (also known as the Gene Selection Web Application) available on the Mayo Clinic Laboratories website.

How do I use the Custom Gene Ordering Tool (CGOT)?

The CGOT provides information to help guide providers through the process of creating a custom gene list. A Custom Gene Ordering Tutorial is also available.

How is this testing priced?

Pricing is a tiered system based on the number of genes ordered. The price for DNA extraction, analysis, and interpretation is built into the gene tier. Once the gene list is created, the current procedural terminology (CPT) codes will be assigned and listed in the CGOT, Step 5. They will also be listed in the confirmation email the client will receive. For more information see Custom Gene Panel Ordering pricing information.  

How is this testing reported?

The report will be generated in the context of the starting panel and interpreted based on the genes selected.

Can genes from different panels be combined?

Genes must be selected within the disease state group (e.g., epilepsy) and cannot be combined with genes from another disease group (e.g., neurologic disorders).

Can additional genes be unmasked on the same patient specimen under the same disease state?

At this time, if additional genes are desired after the initial order, a new order will need to be placed for the additional genes selected. Each order is priced independently.

What is the minimum number of genes that can be ordered?

The minimum number of genes that can be ordered is one gene.

Can I order CGPH to identify familial (known) variants?

For information regarding familial (known) variant testing, see Familial Studies.

Is it possible to order only sequencing or deletion/duplication (del/dup)?

All genes will be sequenced and, when del/dup is indicated for that gene in Step 3 of the CGOT, both sequencing and del/dup will be performed for that gene. Opting out of one is not an option.

What happens if the custom Gene List ID is lost before the order is placed?

Since the CGOT does not require a login, a new gene list will need to be generated if the custom Gene List ID is lost. However, once a Gene List is finalized, a confirmation email — which includes ordering instructions, the list of genes selected, the current procedural terminology (CPT) code summary, and the Gene List ID — is sent.

Is it possible to order a previously created panel?

The option to order a previous Gene List is available on the Start tab of the CGOT. Select "Find an Existing List" to enter a previously ordered Gene List ID.

At what point in the process can a change be made to the order?

Changes may be made until the specimen reaches the laboratory. At that point, an order cannot be changed.

Is it possible to review a previously ordered custom gene list via the CGOT?

To review a gene list and current CPT codes, click on "Find Existing List" in the Start Tab of the CGOT and enter your Gene List ID.

What is the purpose of the barcode that is next to the Gene List ID generated in Step 5?

The barcode represents the custom gene list ID. If ordering electronically, the barcode can be scanned for ease of ordering.

Is the gene list ID patient- or order-specific?

While a custom gene panel may be originally created for a specific patient, the Gene List ID can be used as many times as desired, as it is neither patient- nor order-specific.

Where are the CPT codes listed for the custom gene list created?

A CPT code summary will be listed at the bottom of the selected genes in the finalized gene list in Step 5 of the CGOT.


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