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Genetic Counselors

Enhancing test utilization, elevating diagnostic care

At Mayo Clinic Laboratories, providers have direct access to genetic counselors who help guide appropriate test utilization, ensuring the right patient receives the right test. These healthcare professionals are skilled in communicating genetic information, interpreting family history information, and identifying the potential implications of genetic testing.

Expert support of genetic testing

Our counselors review many of our genetic test orders, which can result in:

  • Improvements in patient care by recommending the most appropriate testing.
  • Quicker diagnoses while avoiding unnecessary testing.
  • Reduced healthcare costs by ensuring the most appropriate tests have been ordered.

Providing a wealth of knowledge in the genetic testing space, our genetic counselors are disease experts who:

  • Specialize in a variety of tests performed by metabolic, molecular, and cytogenetic laboratories. Expertise is available in each area and includes both somatic and germline testing.
  • Are board-certified, licensed healthcare professionals with specialized training in human genetics, counseling, communication, risk assessment, and medical ethics.
  • Are available for consultations regarding test ordering and result interpretation Monday through Friday.

Cost savings through test order review

Our genetic counselors target complex genetic tests for review upon specimen receipt. After reviewing an order and provided clinical information, our genetic counselors may recommend modifying or canceling the test order. Examples of commonly modified or canceled orders include:

  • Full gene analysis ordered when mutation was already identified in a family member.
  • Concurrent full sequencing orders on multiple family members.
  • Multiple individual genes ordered, which are included in a large panel.
  • More sensitive methods available.
  • Complex duplicate ordering.

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