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Offering a full suite of prenatal testing, our clinically supported evaluations enable results that patients and physicians can depend on. With more than 30 years of prenatal testing experience, our laboratory is staffed by a dedicated team of directors, genetic counselors, and other specialists. Our test menu is informed and developed in collaboration with leaders in the field of prenatal diagnostics, including partners from Mayo Clinic’s Women’s Health.

The availability of multiple testing methodologies in our prenatal testing allows for clarity in results, including structural characterization of cytogenetic abnormalities. To help prioritize prenatal evaluations so patients and clinicians receive results in a timely fashion, our testing experts provide ordering guidance and result interpretation of the highest quality for prenatal diagnosis of genetic conditions.

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When you partner with Mayo Clinic Laboratories, you gain access to more than three decades of prenatal testing experience and experts who are leaders in the field of prenatal diagnostics. From careful handling of specimens upon receipt to expeditious reporting of clinically relevant results, our meticulous care of prenatal samples throughout all laboratory processes ensures all appropriate testing can be completed. Genetic counselor review of all test orders, combined with our reflexive testing approach, helps ensure each patient receives the right test.

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