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Diagnostic and companion testing

Advanced approaches for invaluable insights

Diagnostic and companion testing can provide definitive answers when there is a family history of genetic illness or additional information is needed to clarify chromosomal abnormalities or other conditions suggested by carrier screening, ultrasound, or alternate methods.

Our diagnostic and companion assays were carefully developed to protect and preserve fetal specimens to ensure all appropriate analyses can be performed. The ability of our laboratory to perform all types of prenatal testing — from culture to advanced genetic analysis to companion testing — translates into streamlined efficiencies that promote faster results. Because we understand the urgency for accurate answers, we prioritize customer support to ensure ordering physicians receive results as quickly as possible.

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Companion testing

Our companion test offerings support cytogenetic and molecular testing approaches, helping to ensure appropriate testing can be performed and accurate results.

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Cytogenetic testing

Chromosomal analysis can identify genetic conditions associated with structural and numerical chromosomal irregularities, such as aneuploidy.

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Molecular testing

We offer a broad array of disease-specific molecular tests, which can be used individually or as a complement to cytogenetic testing for a more comprehensive understanding of a patient’s condition.  

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