Accurate and dependable testing

Reliable interpretation of dynamic results

Accurate and dependable endocrine function testing is one of the cornerstones of the Mayo Clinic practice. Standardization of procedures and protocols is essential for the reliable interpretation of dynamic endocrine testing results. Our test menu includes more than 70 common and esoteric analytes and is constantly growing. We strive to use the best-suited methodology for every test, ranging from manual immunoassays over mass spectrometry to molecular testing.

Results that matter

We're dedicated to our patients' health and well-being,
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ranked hospital in the nation for adult diabetes and endocrinology by U.S. News and World Report


clinical endocrinologists on staff at Mayo Clinic


endocrine-specific tests in our comprehensive test menu


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Answers when you need them

We perform testing daily for Mayo Clinic patients in addition to providing services to hospitals across the globe. We focus on turnaround time — not just transit time — to ensure providers and patients get the answers they need as quickly as possible.

Performing the right tests, not the most tests

We are a health care provider, treating patients every day. Our laboratory services enable health care institutions to apply patient care-driven testing approaches and establish clinically proven test utilization strategies.

Access to Mayo Clinic expertise

The Endocrine Laboratory within Mayo Clinic is one of the leading endocrine testing facilities in the United States, with a track record of excellence for several decades. Its achievements include development of the first commercially available immunometric whole molecule parathyroid hormone assay; pioneering work in establishing steroid and vitamin D testing by mass spectrometry; and co-development of several widely used immunoassays in the in vitro diagnostic industry.

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