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Building laboratory value

The financial pressure on hospitals continues. To help, we can support hospital laboratories by evaluating current utilization, capacity, and processes to help reduce waste, find efficiencies, and maximize capabilities for optimal financial performance.

We also offer support in building and expanding laboratory outreach programs. Our experienced, industry-leading outreach consultants offer unparalleled insights and experience to help hospital-based laboratories evolve from cost-centers to revenue generators. Learn more about how we can support laboratories’ optimization and revenue-generation goals.

Driving efficiency through consolidation

Most hospital laboratories find themselves sending tests to an increasing number of commercial and specialty reference laboratories. Managing the complexities of these various relationships increases operational burden, staff workload, and inconsistencies in testing methods and interpretation of results.

Hospitals and health systems can optimize their laboratory testing referrals by leveraging our extensive test menu, which includes advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge technology, and clinically relevant new tests across our full spectrum of medical subspecialties.

“The type of service we provide is really tailored to the needs of the hospital or to the healthcare system. And their patients are no different than the patients that walk through our doors.

William Morice, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and President of Mayo Clinic Laboratories

Sharing knowledge and empowering staff

We support care teams by providing insights and education as they strive to solve the most complex medical challenges. Our education offerings range from conferences to on-demand programs to webinars — many of which offer CME credit. View our extensive educational offerings.

In addition, hospital and laboratory staff have direct access to Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists, who can help with optimizing test orders and interpreting results. Mayo Clinic Laboratories provides each client with a dedicated team of account, clinical, and laboratory technical professionals.

Prioritizing patient care

With guidance from our practicing physicians, we continuously develop testing algorithms, invest in research, and develop new tests so that patients have access to the best testing available. As a hospital-based reference laboratory, our focus is helping clients prevent overutilization of laboratory testing, drive efficiency through consolidation of send-out testing, and generate hospital revenue by establishing and growing lab outreach programs. And, we provide benefits only available through a connection with a world-class medical institution: access to our Mayo Clinic physicians and consultants, educational offerings, and the most cutting-edge, clinically-based testing available in the market.

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