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Access across
the world.

Evidence-based testing for the detection and identification of infectious diseases.

Mayo Clinic’s internationally-renowned clinical microbiology laboratories span all areas of conventional and molecular medical microbiology, offering a broad selection of tests designed for rapid identification and in depth characterization of the causative agents of infectious diseases.

Our laboratories have developed and implemented culture techniques; immunoassays; antimicrobial susceptibility testing; and molecular methods
for rapid detection, identification, and characterization; and provision treatment guidance for microbial pathogens.

Results That Matter

We're dedicated to our patients' health and well-being,
and proud of the outstanding outcomes we achieve.

3 million

tests performed annually


years of diagnosing and treating infectious diseases.


specialized laboratories performing
infectious disease testing


support from Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists

Physician-lead subspecialized laboratories

Our laboratories are managed by physicians and scientists with expert knowledge regarding the clinical implications of each test result and how it can impact patient care.

The right tests, not the most tests

Our clinicians and laboratorians focus on maintaining high-quality, cost-effective, and
efficient care by using algorithmic, evidence-based approaches that lead to correct diagnoses and treatment, while minimizing unnecessary testing

Access across
the globe

Every laboratory offers testing; but, at Mayo Clinic Laboratories, we offer a service that allow patients access to Mayo Clinic experts from across the world in addition to our comprehensive testing menu.


COVID-19 Resource Center

We are rapidly expanding our COVID-19 testing to provide accurate information for health care professionals on the front lines of this crisis. We will continue coordinating closely with state and federal officials to offer testing in the areas with the greatest need.


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