Fungal infections

Optimized testing to detect and identify fungi

Mayo Clinic Laboratories routinely utilizes culture, molecular, sequencing, and serologic methods to diagnose fungal infections. Developed by a team of clinical microbiology experts, our assays focus on the detection and identification, as well as antimicrobial susceptibility, of fungi. Serologic testing to detect fungal antigens and antibodies, and rapid direct molecular testing for select fungi, are also available.

The availability of a comprehensive testing menu, alongside consistent innovation and development of new testing methods and strategies, enables detection of a wide variety of clinically significant fungal pathogens, including those that are newly emerging.

Mitigating an expanding threat

Present in soils, on plants, in the air, on people’s skin, and inside the body, millions of fungal species inhabit the planet. While only a few hundred species commonly cause illness, some fungal infections can be severe and even life-threatening, especially among individuals with weakened immune systems. Our fungal disease testing was developed by a team of infectious disease and microbiology experts, who can help identify the optimal testing method to detect fungi and determine the most effective antifungal agent through antimicrobial susceptibility testing.  


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