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Identify infection and predict clarithromycin resistance with one specimen

Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori, is one of the most common chronic bacterial infections in the world. As the main cause of peptic ulcer disease and a major risk factor for gastric cancer, H. pylori can lead to life-threatening medical conditions if left untreated. Timely, accurate diagnosis of H. pylori is critical for improving patients’ gastrointestinal health and preventing further harm. Due to the rising prevalence of antimicrobial resistance, however, understanding who to test and how to select the best treatment for H. pylori poses clinical challenges for health care providers. 

Mayo Clinic Laboratories now offers a noninvasive option for the molecular detection of H. pylori using a single fecal specimen. This test: 

  • Helps clinicians determine the best therapy for eradicating H. pylori in each patient 
  • Is the only clinically available test of its kind in the microbiology industry 
  • Delivers results within 24 hours of the laboratory receiving a sample 

Key testing

HPFRP | Helicobacter pylori with Clarithromycin Resistance Prediction, Molecular Detection, PCR, Feces

  • Identifies active H. pylori infection in pediatric and adult populations 
  • Detects clarithromycin susceptibility or resistance to guide therapy 
  • Monitors treatment efficacy by confirming eradication of H. pylori 
  • Promotes antimicrobial stewardship  

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