COVID-19 Daily News: May 6

Mayo Clinic’s Comprehensive COVID-19 Research

"At Mayo, we've developed a comprehensive research portfolio, or what we call a COVID-19 research task force, in order to respond to every area that we need to learn more about this virus. We have scientists doing research in epidemiology. We have people doing research in immunology and vaccine development, in virology, in translational work, in clinical trials, in community engagement, in infection prevention and control, and how to clean surfaces and clean masks, as well as artificial intelligence and informatics. And pretty much anything you can think about that we need to learn more about this virus and its response in humans and society, we have areas of research at Mayo."

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Masking your Kids During COVID-19

"The direction around face masks has changed really quickly over the last several weeks. Now the guidance is face masks for all people, including children older than the age of 2, when out in public," says Dr. Tina Ardon, a family medicine physician at Mayo Clinic.

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National Nurses Day: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

As COVID-19 continues to spread and people heed notices to socially distance themselves and hunker down in their homes, there still are those who on the front lines helping to fight the disease. These are the unsung heroes, and there are thousands of them at Mayo Clinic.

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Samantha Rossi

Samantha Rossi is a Digital Marketing Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She supports marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing. Samantha has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2019.