Week in Review: April 14

The Week in Review provides an overview of the past week’s top health care content, including industry news and trends, Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Laboratories news, and upcoming events.

Industry News

The adderall shortage is taking a toll on these people

Patients say not being able to find the drugs can mean the difference between being able to work, sleep or perform daily tasks such as shopping for groceries, or not. Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Can community paramedicine improve health outcomes in rural America?

Community paramedicine programs have improved health outcomes in rural communities by helping people manage their conditions and avoid the need for emergency and acute care. Source: The Commonwealth Fund

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Research with exotic viruses risks a deadly outbreak, scientists warn

A growing number of scientists are reconsidering the dangers of prospecting for unknown viruses and conducting other high stakes work with pathogens. Source: The Washington Post

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Samantha Rossi

Samantha Rossi is a Digital Marketing Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She supports marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing. Samantha has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2019.