Domestic Logistics Impacts: Independence Day Holiday Weekend

Operational Update

Due to the upcoming Independence Day holiday on Tuesday, July 4, Mayo Clinic Laboratories' sample pickup and delivery schedules will be altered. To ensure sample viability and minimize test turnaround time delays, we have implemented several adjustments and guidelines.

Friday, June 30Saturday, July 1Sunday, July 2Monday, July 3Tuesday, July 4Wednesday, July 5
Courier pickups at client locationsNormal pickupsNormal pickupsNormal pickupsRecommendation: Hold samples at your facility.

These samples will not arrive until Wednesday, July 5, or later.

Normal pickups
No pickupsNormal pickups
Shipping adjustmentsUPS clients moved to FedEx or DeltaUPS clients moved to FedEx or DeltaAtlanta shipments for Mayo Clinic Laboratories-Jacksonville rerouted to Mayo Clinic Laboratories-Rochester

Shipping adjustments and recommendations:

  • Specimens that are delayed Friday, June 30, or Saturday, July 1, have the potential to not be delivered until Wednesday, July 5, when using FedEx or UPS. To help minimize sample impact, shipping carriers have been adjusted for the best possible outcome.
  • Specimens shipped on Monday, July 3, via FedEx or UPS will not be delivered until Wednesday, July 5, at the earliest. Therefore, the recommendation is to hold samples, especially refrigerated samples, at your facility.
  • Self-Shippers: If you choose to ship via UPS or FedEx, please add additional frozen cool packs to refrigerate shipments and use sufficient dry ice to cover the extended transit time and warm weather conditions.

For questions, contact Customer Service at 800-533-1710.

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