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Lab Week 2024

Celebrating the crucial role of laboratory professionals

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, also known as Lab Week, provides us with the opportunity to increase our understanding of and appreciation for clinical laboratory personnel. We celebrate their efforts to provide critical answers for patients every day and drive innovation in the field of medicine.

Since the pandemic, the awareness of the importance of the lab has grown significantly. Here are just a few of the impacts:

  • 70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results.
  • 260,000 CLIA-certified laboratories across the U.S. represent the cornerstone of diagnostic medicine today.
  • 14 billion laboratory tests are ordered annually — safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in laboratory testing are required for effective diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Let’s celebrate the achievements of our lab professionals!

Carly Mouzes

Carly Mouzes is a Social Media Campaign Copywriter for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.