Next-generation sequencing

Providing clarity and actionable results

The diagnosis of bleeding and thrombosis disorders relies heavily on specialized coagulation assays, but genotype assays are increasing in utility and availability.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing can provide useful information that assists physicians including:

  • Confirming the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombosis disorders
  • Providing clarity and actionable results in situations where other testing methodologies provide inconclusive results for patients
  • Identifying mutations that could explain patients’ unusual hemostatic phenotype and laboratory results

Created to meet the growing needs of our own clinical practice, Mayo Clinic now offers a comprehensive NGS full-gene sequencing menu for patients who have bleeding and thrombosis disorders.

Key testing

Coagulation NGS Testing 

Rajiv Pruthi, M.B.B.S., gives an overview of this testing available through Mayo Clinic Laboratories. He discusses when this testing should be ordered, how this testing compares to previous testing approaches, and what clinical action can be taken due to the results of this testing.

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