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Find answers to common Permissions Manager questions, and tips on how to use this feature.

What is Permissions Manager?

Permissions Manager is a new feature that lets you edit your team members’ access to Mayo Clinic Laboratories digital tools on your own. This means you no longer need to contact Mayo Clinic Laboratories with requests to modify your team’s access.

With Permissions Manager, you can:

  • Add or remove a user’s access to tools on
  • Add or remove a user’s access to your accounts.
  • Provide immediate access to Mayo Clinic Laboratories tools.
  • Monitor and update team members’ permissions across multiple accounts.

Who can use Permissions Manager?

You can designate a user whom Mayo Clinic Laboratories will set up to administer permissions for your team. This user receives the Client Administrator (CA) permission, which gives them access to Permissions Manager.

Before using the tool for the first time, the CA must click the Accept button in a certification window. By doing so, the CA acknowledges that they are responsible for managing users’ access to tools that contain protected health information (PHI) and personal identifiable information (PII). In addition, every six months the CA will receive an automatically generated email reminding them to ensure that all users’ permissions are up to date and appropriate.

Where can I find Permissions Manager?

Once you are granted access to Permissions Manager, you can find it on by clicking, in the following order:

  1. My Dashboard at top right of the homepage banner.
  2. The SETTINGS icon.
  3. The Permissions tab.
  4. The Permissions link.

Which browsers are supported?

Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Can I export a list of who has which permissions?

By clicking the Export to CSV button in Permissions Manager, you can export the contents of the permissions table to a spreadsheet in CSV format. This file includes the names, email addresses, and permissions of all users.

Are there any permissions that cannot be set in Permissions Manager?

Yes. Some permissions are editable by Mayo Clinic Laboratories only. Please contact Customer Service if you need access to a tool that is not managed in Permissions Manager.

I see my invoice account is different than my ordering account. How do I grant others access to view invoices?

For some Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients, the invoicing account is different from the ordering account. You must be given CA permissions before you can access the invoicing account. Then, you will be able to navigate to that account and grant invoice access to users at your site. Please contact your Regional Service Representative, Laboratory Resource Coordinator, or Customer Service if you need further assistance.

Can I set up permissions by account?

Permissions Manager lists all users associated with a specific account on the BY ACCOUNT tab. Select all users whose permissions you would like to modify, and then click the Edit button to modify permissions for these users.

Can I manage a single user's permissions across multiple accounts?

Yes. Click the BY USER tab to search for a user and edit their permissions across each account to which they have access.

Are there any limitations to how many CAs an account can have?

No. An account can have more than one CA. While there is no maximum limit to the number of CAs you can designate, the ideal designee is someone in a lead or supervisor role. To request that additional users be granted the CA permission, please contact your Regional Service Representative, Laboratory Resource Coordinator, or Customer Service.


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