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Digital Pathology

Changing the practice of pathology

Our multiphase digital pathology initiative integrates digital infrastructure to facilitate new clinical, research, and education opportunities. Delivering digital workflows for patient care streamlines manual processes and expands patient access to Mayo Clinic expertise while growing our digital knowledge repository, thereby delivering best-in-class datasets to train algorithmic and machine learning solutions.

The digital pathology initiative further enhances patient-specimen identification and reduces occurrences of lost or damaged slides, improving overall patient care. Faster diagnostics, workflow efficiencies, reproducible results, and cost savings benefit both providers and patients.

Frequently asked questions

What is the business case for implementing digital pathology?

The benefits of our new digital pathology initiative include:

  • Faster diagnoses
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Cost savings
  • Reproducible results

NOTE: Investment costs will vary according to institutional scope and approach.

What subspecialty case types will be supported?

Our initial digital pathology consultation service will support most tissue-based case types. Based on early diagnostic concordance findings, some tissue-based case types are excluded at this time, including:

  • Medical renal biopsies
  • Neuropathology
  • Cases with cytopathology
  • Frozen sections
  • Non-FFPE hematopathology

What digital pathology solutions does Mayo Clinic recommend?

We have taken a vendor-agnostic approach; however, DICOM or SVS file formats are preferred for whole slide images.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories uses the Leica/Aperio GT450 scanner with the Sectra digital pathology system, integrated with the SCC Soft LIS.

When will the digital pathology consultation service be available to my institution?

The digital pathology consultation program is currently in the pilot stage. The pilot program will inform our approach and timeline for offering the digital pathology consultation solution to all Mayo Clinic Laboratories clients.



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