Patient Satisfaction in the Nursery [Pediatric Phlebotomy]

February 2017


Video Length: 10 mins 21 secs

Increasing complaints about heel bruising in infants following blood spot collection raised concerns about the best option for collecting blood from infants. With an increase in the number of tests available using a blood spot specimen and concerns about bruising, a team was created to investigate causes of bruising and select the best method for collecting blood from infants. The team evaluated the practice of warming the heel prior to puncture, using venipuncture instead of heel puncture, and infant distress as a result of either heel puncture or venipuncture.


Photo of Darci Block, Ph.D.Darci Block, Ph.D.
Consultant, Division of Clinical Core Laboratory Services
Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

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