So What Does a Major in MLS Actually Mean?

When I tell people I’m majoring in Medical Laboratory Science, I generally get the same response from everyone. They smile, nod, and then ask, “So that’s research, right?” No, not exactly. Medical laboratory scientists work in the mystical world of clinical labs, analyzing patient samples in all sorts of specialized areas from microbiology, chemistry, blood banking, to everything in between.

Since all of this work happens behind the scenes, it’s no surprise that the major isn’t very well-known.

As students in Mayo’s MLS program, we get to sample a little of everything. We have lectures online to learn the concepts behind laboratory techniques, and then we apply those concepts in a student lab. Some of us are here for our senior year, and others are here after graduating college. We were born in different cities, states, and even countries, but we all have one thing in common: We are science nerds.

So, if you have a love of science, or you want to work in the medical field and don’t know which route to take, MLS is an excellent program.

We have a lot to learn before we’re released into the lab as full-fledged laboratorians, but we’re well on our way. Already, we’ve completed our first round of Clinical Microbiology, Urinalysis, and will soon be completing Hematology I. Each day brings new lessons and, of course, new challenges, but I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next.

Elizabeth Gamache

Elizabeth Gamache is a student in Mayo’s Medical Laboratory Science class of 2018, and will also graduate from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. She was born and raised in Wisconsin, but enjoys the adventure of living in a new state. When she’s not doing schoolwork, Elizabeth enjoys reading, hiking, finding local coffee shops, and exploring new places.