Summary of Leveraging the Laboratory: Value through Integration

On September 11 and 12, 2017, in Philadelphia, laboratory leaders from across the country gathered at Mayo Medical Laboratories’ 29th Outreach Conference. As we focus on increasing value in health care, the laboratory has a significant role. With seven podium presentations on the first day of the conference and 21 different breakout workshops the second day, laboratory peers and industry experts shared their insights on how to leverage the laboratory and its outreach program to provide value. Every speaker delivered his/her message with enthusiasm, highlighting successes, challenges, and future plans.

My Top 10:

  1. Leadership is where it begins.
  2. You must be guided by a vision and insoluble values.
  3. Know your customers and what matters to them.
  4. Know your organization’s leaders and what matters to them; keep it simple.
  5. Be creative and “make it work,” and don’t forget to take care of yourself.
  6. Align with the right partners.
  7. Respect the competition.
  8. Look for value and how to create it; information is valuable.
  9. Work together.
  10. When things get tough, rise above it and know that you are doing the right thing.

The laboratory can be leveraged to add value through integration—integration of patients, providers, partners across organizations, and laboratories. Bring your energy, and don’t accept “no” for an answer.

For a full recap of the conference, view our live blog to listen to podcasts from our renowned speakers and see photos of them in action during their sessions.

We are already starting to plan our next conference. Mayo Medical Laboratories' 30th outreach conference will be held in Rochester, Minnesota, on September 18–19, 2018. We hope to see you there!

Jane Hermansen

Jane Hermansen is living her childhood dream of being a laboratory professional. With a passion for community-based medicine, she has worked with hundreds of hospitals across the US in outreach program development and growth. She currently directs the outreach consulting activities for Mayo Clinic Laboratories.