Looking ahead to Clinical Rotations

As our didactic courses come to a close, we are looking forward to starting our clinical rotations. Our 10.5-month program is split into 5.5 months of didactic courses followed by 5 months of clinical rotations. During these rotations, we will move from our student lab setting to the clinical laboratories.

I will be starting my rotations with three weeks in hematology, while some of my classmates will start in other areas like microbiology, immunology, or transfusion medicine. In total, we will rotate through eight different labs, two of which are elective courses we were able to select our preference for.

I’m especially excited for my chemistry elective in Mayo's Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. Although I will miss seeing my classmates every day, I’m looking forward to applying the information we’ve learned during our didactic courses and experiencing more of what it’s like to be a technologist.

Makenzie Fong

Makenzie Fong is a student in the Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratory Science program. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2017 with degrees in Biochemistry and Chinese. She is originally from California and is anxiously awaiting her first Minnesota winter.