Using Statin Choice Decision-Aid Tool and Laboratory Testing to Reduce Cardiac Risk

With more than 70,000 uses worldwide and policy endorsements for its use (JAMA article), the Mayo Clinic Statin Choice Decision-Aid tool is helping patients and their clinicians have meaningful conversations about whether or not to use statins to reduce cardiovascular (CV) risk.

This tool was developed by the Mayo Clinic Knowledge and Evaluation Research (KER) Unit and is part of the Care That Fits Program, which invents and tests tools that help patients and clinicians have conversations that uncover what is best for each patient.

By using this tool along with values from laboratory tests such as the Cardiovascular Risk Marker Panel, Serum (Mayo ID: CVRMA - this test no longer available), which provides values of LDL, HDL, and hsCRP, clinicians can enter these values into the calculator to help estimate CV risk using validated and well-known risk scores such as ASCVD, Framingham, and Reynolds.

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