Equity and Inclusion in Health Care: The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever



Sharonne Hayes, M.D.

Sharonne Hayes, M.D., discusses the drivers behind equity and inclusion in health care and why we must act.

Dr. Hayes is a Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She founded Mayo’s Women’s Heart Clinic in 1998 where she maintains an active clinical practice. She was appointed as Mayo Clinic’s first Director of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in 2010. With leadership, she sets strategy for D&I activities across Mayo Clinic and develops solutions for equity in patient care and the workforce. Under her leadership, Mayo Clinic has been recognized for its diversity and inclusion efforts, including seven consecutive years in DiversityInc’s Top Healthcare Organizations. She has developed programs to assess and mitigate unconscious bias in health care and has published work on efforts to enhance the professional and personal development and mentorship of women and minority physicians and scientists.

What Is a Sketchnote?
A sketchnote is a graphic representation combined with text as a form of note-taking. It was coined by Mike Rhodes and also goes by graphic note taking or graphic recording. The premise is to create a graphic record of an event that is engaging and informative. For the note-taker, it also serves as a tool to help with retention and recall of the information. By associating text and image (Dual Coding Theory), we help to create additional neural pathways to information, making it more accessible later on and learning becomes more durable.

Theresa Malin

Theresa Malin is an Education Specialist in Transfusion Medicine at Mayo Clinic. She is a faculty member of the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences and serves as an educator for a wide variety of medical students and clinicians from the Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education. She has worked as a Medical Lab Scientist in hospitals across the country and found her way back to Mayo Clinic in 2014. Outside of work, Theresa loves to explore the seemingly ordinary through the creative lenses of her three children.