At Mayo Clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to testing that focuses on the best outcomes for the patient. Our testing method combines molecular and cytogenetic analysis (in addition to a standard morphological and histological assessment) to provide a clear picture of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. This approach maximizes the amount of information available, allowing for a tailored treatment plan.


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By performing immunohistochemical, molecular, and cytogenetic analysis on all patients, our testing approach provides a more complete assessment of the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy options.


Your results are interpreted by physicians with training and expertise in neuro-oncology. Each report integrates patient information along with supporting literature references to provide a patient-specific context and a better understanding of how the lab results impact patient care.


Prognosis is a key piece of information for patients with brain tumors. Some molecular markers are associated with patient prognosis, which can shape treatment decisions and timelines for therapy.


In order to select the most appropriate treatment options, including standard therapies, off-label therapies, and clinical trials, broad molecular and cytogenetic information is needed for all patients.


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