7 Reasons to Transition to Mobile Conference App

The main objective of any conference is to communicate key information to its attendees. In the past, conference organizers provided attendees with printed copies of course material, but that is no longer the case. Most conference attendees have had some experience with a mobile conference app. For many attendees, it has been a natural transition for receiving conference information. Here are the top seven reasons to embrace a mobile conference app:

  1. Detailed and Portable Schedule: Conference attendees can access an up-to-date agenda any time. Since most attendees download the app on their cell phones, they can access it anywhere. If there is a change that attendees need to be aware of, conference organizers can send out a notification, helping make any last-minute modifications less confusing.
  2. Share Speaker Information: The conference app will have a list of the speakers and their presentations. Most apps allow you to list a photo of each presenter and other biographical information.
  3. Better Note-Taking: The conference app will allow attendees to take notes right on their mobile devices and allow them to revisit those notes at a later date—or even print them. There is no need to hunt around for a pad and pencil while listening to your favorite presenter.
  4. Connect with Other Attendees: Most apps will allow users to opt in to sharing their names and contact information, making connecting with colleagues much easier than hunting them down in a large room of attendees.
  5. Adds Value for Exhibitors and Sponsors: The conference app will list all the exhibiting companies that are at the event. Attendees will know who is at the conference and make sure to stop by all the booths in which they are interested.
  6. Going Green: With a conference app, gone are binders full of printed course syllabi. And gone is the need for conference organizers to reprint pages when speakers change their presentations. PowerPoint files can be updated instantly on the conference app. Attendees will have a permanent copy of the presentations along with any notes they take, without needing to save a large binder of paper for that flight home.
  7. Providing Additional Information: The conference app allows attendees to find important information about the local area. There may be maps linked to the app, lists of local restaurants, and other services.

Conference or event apps are becoming the standard for sharing conference materials. They are easy to use, a permanent resource, and mobile. When you are faced with your first conference app, remember that there are many benefits, so embrace the change.

Janice Bergquist

Janice Bergquist is an Education Specialist at Mayo Medical Laboratories. She manages live conferences as well as Mayo Medical Laboratories Visiting Faculty Program, and client site visits.