Like Dr. Grossman I was a physician-patient of the Mayo Clinic. In March 1970, our two- year old daughter and I were in an auto accident near Madison, Wisconsin. When Dr. “Dub” Tauxe of the nuclear imaging section of the department learned of the accident he immediately saw to our air-evacuation to St.Mary’s hospital, where we were met by a team of specialists in the ER. I had fractures of the skull, ribs, pelvis and right leg complicated by fat emboli. Our care was superb, and I entered the U.S. Army in July to fulfill my Barry Plan obligation. In 1972 I returned to the Clinic and joined Dr. Michael O’Sullivan in the newly-established Mayo Medical Laboratories (Mayo Clinal Laboratories). We, like Dr. Grossman, are most appreciative of the care we received at the Mayo Clinic.