Mayo Clinic Laboratory and Pathology Research Roundup: March 11

The Research Roundup provides an overview of the past week’s research from Mayo Clinic Laboratories consultants, including featured abstracts and a complete list of published studies and reviews.

Featured Abstract

Assay to Rapidly Screen for Immunoglobulin Light Chain Glycosylation: A Potential Path to Earlier AL Diagnosis for a Subset of Patients

Systemic light-chain (LC) amyloidosis (AL) is a protein misfolding disease in which a monoclonal immunoglobulin LC self-aggregates to form insoluble amyloid fibrils, which deposit in different organs and impair the physiology of organs. Researchers postulated that glycosylation also has a pathogenic effect on LCs, and glycosylated LCs could be more prone to being amyloidogenic. Pathogenic glycosylation of proteins has been implicated in various hematological malignancies, often with prognostic implications. However, in comparison with other diseases, glycosylation of LCs has been relatively underinvestigated in AL. This is largely due to the lack of a high-throughput procedure to facilitate rapid analysis of LC glycosylation.

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