Test Catalog Specimen Rejection Information Update

In September, clients started to see an update to the “Reject Due To” information contained in our online test catalog for some tests. The remainder of tests will be updated shortly. To provide greater clarity around rejection standards, the following changes were made:

The "Reject Due To" section will now only display “Gross” rejection criteria.
  • The rejection categories of “Hemolysis,” “Lipemia,” and “Icterus” now only display “Gross” rejection criteria. “Mild” is no longer used. This change was made due to the subjective nature of “Mild” rejection determinations.
  • For any criteria that do not apply to the test, the corresponding rows will be removed from the display. Previously, these criteria would have been listed as “NA.”
  • Unacceptable tube types and anticoagulants are no longer listed in the “Reject Due To” field. All acceptable tube types are now listed in the “Specimen Required” section. Tube types not listed in this section will be rejected.
  • If all criteria are NA, the message “No specimen should be rejected” or a new message, "All specimens will be evaluated by Mayo Clinic Laboratories for test suitability," will be used.

Please direct any questions regarding these updates to Customer Service at 800-533-1710.

Hannah Crawford

Hannah Crawford is content marketing manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She focuses on telling stories about the impact of laboratory medicine for patients and health care organizations around the world. Hannah has worked at Mayo Clinic Laboratories since 2018.