COVID-19 Weekly News: September 6 – 13

Mayo Clinic Minute: How COVID-19 has changed alcohol use

Dr. Victor Karpyak, a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist and addiction researcher, says using alcohol to celebrate or relieve stress is an age-old human trait, but overusing alcohol as a coping mechanism during these difficult times has consequences. 

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Mayo Clinic Q and A: Preparing children for back to school

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have two children, ages 6 and 12. Our family has been wrestling with what to do in terms of sending our children back to school as our local school district has given us several options that include in-person and online learning. Do you have any advice for how we can make the best choice and any extra safety measures we can take if they return to school in-person?

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Mayo Clinic Radio: First-hand experience battling COVID-19 / importance of cancer screening / gynecologic cancers / adult asthma

Cancer diagnoses have decreased since the COVID-19 pandemic began, according to a recent study in JAMA. On the Mayo Clinic Radio program,  Dr. Nabil Wasif, a Mayo Clinic surgical oncologist, discusses the importance of routine cancer screenings. Next on the program, Dr. Deepi Goyal, a Mayo Clinic emergency physician and regional chair of practice for Southeastern Minnesota, shares his experience battling COVID-19 and offers tips for being prepared to quarantine at home when necessary. Also on the program, Dr. Amanika Kumar, a Mayo Clinic gynecologic surgeon, explains how thorough assessment of a patient can help direct the treatment for ovarian cancer. And Dr. James Li, a Mayo Clinic allergist and immunologist, discusses adult asthma.

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Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Don’t delay cancer screenings

"We can speculate that putting off routine screening tests means early cancers are not being detected," says Dr. Nabil Wasif, a Mayo Clinic surgical oncologist. He says this suggests that patients will eventually show up but with more advanced cancer.

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Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Physician shares his experience battling COVID-19

Dr. Deepi Goyal, a Mayo Clinic emergency physician and regional chair of practice for Southeastern Minnesota, was infected with COVID-19 after his daughter was exposed at work and brought the virus home. Despite his best efforts to isolate and avoid contact, Dr. Goyal started experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on day nine of the recommended 10-day isolation period.

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