Operational Update

Updated authentication for MayoACCESS environment

March 30, 2021

The MayoACCESS application has migrated to the authentication service used across Mayo Clinic. You can now sign in to both MayoACCESS and the Mayo Clinic Laboratories website with the same email address and password.

The following topics provide additional information:

Port number changes

To ensure uninterrupted access, verify with your IT department that port 13000 is allowed in your security system. 

Production – https://mmlaccess.com

Test – https://test.mmlaccess.com

Port: TCP\443 (existing) and TCP\13000 (new)

Signing into MayoACCESS after the migration

After the migration, the MayoACCESS link and bookmarks open the new sign-in page.

You must sign in with your email address.

You might be prompted to update your password.

If you update your password, you will receive two emails about the change.

This email shows the email address.
This email shows the password reset link.

When you click the link, you will be prompted tp specify a new password and select a security question.

Once the new password is created, you will receive a password change email. You can then sign in with your new password.

Updating your name, email address, or user name

If you want to update your name, email address, or user name, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to mayocliniclabs.com.
  2. Select Settings from the user drop-down list.
  1. Under Contact Information, click Edit.
  1. You can update your name on the Professional Information page.
  1. You can update your email address on the Email Address page. Note: If you want your updated email address to sign in, you must also update your user name.
  1. You can update your user name on the User Name page.
  1. Click Save for each section where information is updated.
  1. Ask your client supervisor to update your name and email address in MayoACCESS.

For additional help or questions, please contact Customer Service

Mayo Clinic Laboratories (@mayocliniclabs)

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