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KLHL11 antibody testing is an innovative approach developed by Mayo Clinic Laboratories to test for the presence of Kelch-like 11-proteins, which are biomarkers of testicular cancer-associated neoplastic encephalitis. In this “Test in Focus” episode of the “Answers From the Lab” podcast, Divyanshu (Div) Dubey, M.B.B.S., explains how the assay, which is the first such test in the world, combines a mechanized cell-based assay with tissue immunofluorescence to screen for and confirm illness in patients who develop neurologic symptoms in addition to a testicular tumor.

“As we say about stroke, time is brain, and I think the same applies for these neuro immunological diseases,” Dr. Dubey says. “The earlier we can catch these patients and treat them appropriately, the better chance we have for reversing the condition or stabilizing the condition.”

As more patients are found to have Kelch-11 antibodies, it’s become evident that many more men are affected than previously thought, says Dr. Dubey. “Through our epidemiology studies here in Olmsted County, it seems to be one of the most common biomarkers of paraneoplastic syndromes in men, and as I’m seeing patients from different parts of the country, I’m realizing that the number we’re seeing is probably just the tip of the iceberg.”

Listen to learn more about how Kelch-11 antibodies testing is advancing understanding and improving outcomes for men with testicular cancer-associated neoplastic encephalitis.

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Useful information

Evaluating patients with paraneoplastic or autoimmune encephalitis (brainstem encephalitis or limbic encephalitis or cerebellar ataxia). The cancer association is testicular germ cell tumor (mainly seminoma). Clinical improvement following treatment of cancer and/or immunotherapy has been reported.

Specimen requirements

K11CC | Kelch-like Protein 11 (KLHL11) Antibody by Cell Binding Assay, Spinal Fluid

  • Container/Tube: Sterile vial
  • Specimen Volume: 2 mL

K11CS | Kelch-like Protein 11 (KLHL11) Antibody by Cell Binding Assay, Serum

  • Container/Tube:
  • Preferred: Red top
  • Acceptable: Serum gel
  • Specimen Volume: 1 mL

Performance information

K11CC | Kelch-like Protein 11 (KLHL11) Antibody by Cell Binding Assay, Spinal Fluid

  • Analytic time: 3 days
  • Day(s) and time(s) performed: TBD

K11TC | Kelch-like Protein 11 (KLHL11) Antibody by Immunofluorescence Titer Assay, Spinal Fluid

  • Analytic time: 10 days
  • Day(s) and time(s) performed: TBD

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