New tests launched in May and June

New Tests

In May and June 2021, Mayo Clinic Laboratories announced three new tests along with numerous reference value changes, obsolete tests, and algorithm changes.

The new tests that launched in May and June 2021 by Mayo Clinic Laboratories:

APOL1 | APOL1 Genotype, Varies

This test is useful for determining an individual’s APOL1 genotype.

MESOF | Mesothelioma, CDKN2A FISH, Tissue

This test is useful for diagnosing mesothelioma by detecting a neoplastic clone associated with deletion involving the CDKN2A gene region at 9p21

K11CC | Kelch-Like Protein 11 Antibody, Cell Binding Assay, Spinal Fluid

This test is useful for evaluating patients with paraneoplastic or autoimmune encephalitis (brainstem encephalitis or limbic encephalitis or cerebellar ataxia) using spinal fluid specimens

Suzanne Ferguson

Suzanne Ferguson is a Marketing Channel Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories and has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2014. Outside of work, Suzanne can be found traveling, reading and spending time with her family.