COVID-19 weekly news: July 12 – 19

Changes to outpatient visitor restrictions in Rochester, Minnesota

Beginning today, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is loosening restrictions for patients during outpatient visits.

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Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: On the verge of predicted surge with COVID-19 delta variant

The delta variant is being blamed for hot spots in the U.S. where cases of COVID-19 are on the rise. These hot spots account for most cases in the U.S. They are also the geographical areas that tend to have the lowest vaccination rates.

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Mayo research provides insights into high-risk younger demographics for severe COVID-19

ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Using data from 9,859 COVID-19 infections, Mayo Clinic researchers have new insights into risk factors for younger populations, some of which differ significantly from their older counterparts. People younger than 45 had a greater than threefold increased risk of severe infection if they had cancer or heart disease, or blood, neurologic or endocrine disorders, the research found. These associations were weaker in older age groups. The study was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

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Keeping translational science on the fast track to curb COVID-19 pneumonia

At the beginning of the pandemic, experimental therapies were the only options available to help patients. Turning them into standard care required clinical and translational research. Experts in the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science helped make that happen.

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Respiratory illnesses on the rise with symptoms similar to COVID-19

"Particularly in the South part of the U.S., we have seen an increase in what's called RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus. It's a virus that causes a cold much like influenza causes a cold, though it can be severe in very young children and elderly adults," says Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases physician and researcher at Mayo Clinic.

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Samantha Rossi

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