COVID-19 weekly news: September 6-10

COVID-19 variants mu, delta and what to know about mutations

A new COVID-19 variant called B.1621, or mu, by the World Health Organization is being monitored by scientists. While this variant is making news, it is not the dominant strain in the U.S. or elsewhere, says Dr. John O'Horo, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases physician.

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Being vaccinated for COVID-19 means protection against more than severe illness

Vaccination remains the best protection from COVID-19 infection. Like most vaccines, getting vaccinated for COVID-19 is not 100% perfect. But if vaccinated people do get sick or have a breakthrough infection, they are much less likely to be hospitalized or die than people who are not vaccinated.

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9-9-2021 COVID-19 Media Only News Briefing: Vaccines to Variants

On Thursday, Sept. 9, Dr. John O’Horo, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert, fielded questions about COVID-19 from news reporters and producers.

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Chantell Canfield

Chantell Canfield is a web content coordinator for Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She began working for Mayo Clinic in 2021.