Week in Review: March 11

The Week in Review provides an overview of the past week’s top health care content, including industry news and trends, Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Laboratories news, and upcoming events.

Industry News

How pigs will save thousands of human lives through organ transplants

Dr. Robert Montgomery made history last September when he became the first surgeon to successfully transplant a pig kidney into a living person. It’s a victory that’s especially sweet for the 62-year-old doctor, who’s only alive today because of a transplant.  Montgomery was born with a heart condition that killed both his father and older brother, both of whom died young (his brother at 35, his dad at 52). He finally got a heart transplant in 2018, after years of waiting because he wasn’t “sick enough” to make the organ donor list. So he knows all too well “what the waiting is like as a patient,” Montgomery, head of the NYU Langone Transplant Institute, told The Post. “The uncertainty of not knowing if you’re going to get an organ. I’m very aware of the people who don’t make it across the finish line.” Via The New York Post

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Congress to grant 5-month extension for pandemic telehealth flexibility with omnibus bill

Congress released the text of the omnibus spending bill this morning, including a five-month extension to telehealth flexibilities created during the pandemic. The extensions would leave the flexibilities in place for 151 days after the end of the federal public health emergency. Congress is expected to pass the bill by Friday. Via Fierce Healthcare

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Gundersen employees team up with local dentist to send medical supplies to Ukraine

La Crosse’s healthcare workers are sending supplies to Ukraine. Gundersen Health System has teamed up with a local dentist and native of Ukraine, Dr. Victoria Alexander. Dr. Alexander will help deliver the medical supplies they collect- like exam gloves, wound care supplies, and chest tubes to Ukraine. Via WKBT La Crosse

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Mayo Clinic News

Medical supplies head to Ukraine from Rochester

About 95% of the supplies are donated from Mayo Clinic. The group sends supplies around the world to where they’re needed as well as to local groups that help people in need of medical supplies, said Diane Wagner, who coordinates the group. Kowalchuk, who is a radiation-oncology resident at Mayo Clinic said he learned about the group from a colleague who helped get medical supplies to Ghana. The shipment that departed the warehouse Friday will likely be the first of many. Via Post-Bulletin

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MN has 14 hospitals in Newsweek's U.S. Top 500; Mayo best in the world

Mayo Clinic in Rochester has again been named the best hospital in the world by Newsweek. The annual ranking named Mayo Clinic as the top hospital on its list of the best 250 in the world, with 33 U.S. hospitals making it into the Top 250. Mayo Clinic also claimed the top spot in 2021, 2020 and 2019. Via Bring me the News

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How does your body react to stress?

In “Your Body Knows You’re Burned Out,” Melinda Wenner Moyer writes about work-related stress, but everything she says can apply to the lives of students as well…She also describes some of the symptoms, with help from Dr. Lotte Dyrbye, a physician scientist at the Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Jessi Gold, a psychiatrist at Washington University in St. Louis: One common burnout symptom is insomnia, Dr. Dyrbye said…If you’ve noticed you’re unable to sleep at night, that could be a sign that you’re experiencing burnout, Dr. Dyrbye said — and your sleeplessness could exacerbate the problem. Via New York Times

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