Mayo Clinic announces an investment in laboratory medicine to enhance patient care

Mayo Clinic recently announced plans to invest in an expansion project to enhance laboratory medicine. The expansion project will support Mayo Clinic Laboratories' goal to provide diagnostics to Mayo Clinic patients throughout the nation and abroad. Health care teams around the world will have access to laboratory testing through Mayo Clinic Laboratories' Test Catalog, and Mayo Clinic patients will have access to testing via their Mayo Clinic health care providers.  

The expansion will include:

  • New laboratory space for five clinical testing labs.
  • New laboratory space for Mayo Clinic Biopharma Diagnostics.
  • Expanded and updated cafeteria for laboratory staff.
  • New laboratory support staff spaces at Superior Drive Support Center.

Read the full news release here.

Suzanne Ferguson

Suzanne Ferguson is a Marketing Channel Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories and has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2014. Outside of work, Suzanne can be found traveling, reading and spending time with her family.