Week in Review: November 25

The Week in Review provides an overview of the past week’s top health care content, including industry news and trends, Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Laboratories news, and upcoming events.

Industry News

Coronavirus variants are dodging antibody treatments. New lab-made options may help

In the evolutionary chess match between the coronavirus and humans, scientists’ next move can’t come soon enough for the millions of Americans relying on treatments known as monoclonal antibodies. These lab-made therapies are rapidly losing their healing power, forcing researchers around the world to devise new antibodies that are both more potent and more resistant to new variants. Source: Washington Post

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FDA approves gene therapy for hemophilia

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved a gene therapy for hemophilia — the latest in a series of decisions to advance pricey, personalized treatments that bring new hope to patients, along with cost concerns to the health system. Source: Axios

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What if you could go to the hospital … at home?

Hospital-at-home care is an increasingly common option, and it is often a safer one for older adults. But the future of the approach depends on federal action. Source: New York Times

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Mayo Clinic News

New Mayo Clinic procedure brings hope to patients with lung cancer

It's the leading cancer killer in the United States, but a new procedure is bringing hope to patients diagnosed with lung cancer. Source: CBS Minnesota

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Mayo Clinic starts foundation and shell of $233 million oncology building

The city issued a construction permit Nov. 22 for the $76.27 million foundation and shell of the $233 million Mayo Clinic integrated oncology building in Jacksonville that will include proton beam and carbon ion therapy. Source: Jacksonville Daily Record

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More Minnesotans qualify for insurance assistance through MNsure

More people than ever have access to affordable health insurance in Minnesota next year. Southeastern Minnesotans will save on average about $860 a month through MNsure in 2023. Source: KAAL-TV

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