Operational update

Potential specimen delays


Update 12/28 9:30AM CST: Mayo Clinic Laboratories has received the majority of the outstanding shipments that were delayed due to the recent winter weather event. Our Logistics team is working diligently to facilitate the transport of any outstanding shipments. Once the samples arrive, staff will help process and evaluate the samples for specimen integrity. Any necessary cancelations will be sent through your preferred notification method.

Update 12/26/22 12:30PM CST: Mayo Clinic Laboratories has experienced delays in work arriving to our facilities due to the recent winter weather across the U.S. and altered holiday schedules with our logistics partners. 

We are anticipating higher arrival volumes on Tuesday and will be processing work per normal protocols with additional staffing. Work arriving outside of specimen stability will be triaged and any necessary cancelations will be sent through your preferred notification method.

Update 12/24/22 12PM CST: Mayo Clinic Laboratories is receiving a portion of outstanding work and is fully operational. There continues to be some work in the logistics network we are monitoring and are making adjustments to get the samples to Rochester. 

Update 12/23/22 at 2:30PM CST: Due to service disruption at FedEx’s Memphis hub, couriers and clients who self-ship should avoid shipping with FedEx on Saturday, Dec. 24, for both Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ Rochester and Jacksonville campuses.

As a result of winter weather across the U.S. and the upcoming holiday this weekend, we are experiencing logistical challenges, which may result in testing delays or cancelations.

We are monitoring and tracking the situation with our logistics partners. Additionally, we are identifying and activating alternate solutions to help deliver client specimens to Mayo Clinic Laboratories.

We will continue to provide updates on the situation as needed.

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