Vanessa Gonzalez Casar

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Thousands of people in hundreds of different roles work at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. Mayo Clinic Labs @Work offers a glimpse behind the scenes into this busy reference laboratory, featuring staff from throughout the organization talking about what they do and why they do it.


What brought you to Mayo Clinic, and how long have you worked here?

In 2014, I was working in the medical industry as a sales specialist for genetic testing. I remember thinking of Mayo Clinic as an incredible health care system but was not aware of the many different areas of opportunities within the organization. As Mayo continued to expand to better serve local communities within Florida, a position became available. Colleagues who I’d worked with in the past and who were now working for Mayo provided assurance that Mayo was a great place to work. In addition, the culture and history that Mayo Clinic has continued to practice throughout its more than 150 years of service to patients and education further piqued my interest in working for a company that always puts the needs of the patient first. Earlier this year, I celebrated my 8-year anniversary with Mayo Clinic. 

Vanessa Gonzalez Casar


What’s your current role and what does a typical workday look like for you?

As a hospital account executive in Florida, my days are filled with numerous opportunities to support and partner with local hospitals to provide the best patient care. I work with lab administration, medical directors, supply chain staff, and hospital executives. As the patient experience expands outside of the lab space, our interactions continue to grow to ensure patients receive the right test at the right time. Health care is continuously evolving, and we are here to facilitate the Mayo Clinic values and services that can further assist our clients in providing their patients with the right answers and solutions to guide their care. 


How do you think your work benefits providers and patients?

Knowledge is everything. Mayo Clinic has proven that by sharing knowledge and coming together to research different areas of medicine, all is possible. The three shields of Mayo Clinic — practice, research, and education — are what we strive for every day to provide compassionate medical care. Not all patients and clients are alike, nor do I have the answers for all. What I can do is learn about each client and provide them with insights to Mayo consultants and leaders in the industry who can assist them.


Is there anything about you or your job that others might find surprising?

Many people have the perception that our role is sales-focused and as a salesperson we are looking for ways to increase volumes and revenue. As a hospital account executive my role is not incentivized by the number of tests we sell. In fact, the complete opposite is true. Mayo Clinic truly lives up to the mission that “the needs of the patient come first,” and my job gives me the opportunity to provide education and value services that focus on building strong local partnerships to provide patients with the right test at the right time.


Which part(s) of your job is the most challenging, and why?

Health care is continuously changing, and understanding how we can assist each individual client is challenging. Scheduling time with clients can sometime be difficult, as many clients are working with hospitals at full capacity and with limited resources due to the pandemic. Once we are able to sit down one-on-one with a client and hear more about their goals and areas of need, we can begin helping them get there. Lastly, keeping up with continuing education is also demanding and nonstop.


What gives you meaning and purpose in your work?

The opportunity to wake up every day and share a little of Mayo Clinic with the rest of the world is an incredible honor. Mayo Clinic has entrusted me to continue its mission, and that’s a responsibility that I do not take lightly. I am reminded of my purpose every day when I hear from physicians that my interaction with them and/or their hospital has helped them improve their patient outcomes. 

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