Callie Bishop

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Thousands of people in hundreds of different roles work at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. Mayo Clinic Labs @Work offers a glimpse behind the scenes into this busy reference laboratory, featuring staff from throughout the organization talking about what they do and why they do it.


What brought you to Mayo Clinic, and how long have you worked here?

Years ago, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) used to have a recruitment team that traveled across the Midwest to bring on new college graduates as clinical lab technologists. Having changed my major to biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, I was a little unsure about which jobs I should pursue as graduation loomed closer.

Callie Bishop

I was intrigued by the opportunity presented by the recruiter, as my sister had recently been a Mayo Clinic patient. I come from a family who ran a small business, so finding a position with good medical benefits was high on my list of wants from an employer. Today, I’ve been with Mayo for 16 years and have had countless experiences along the way, including relocating twice for new opportunities.


What’s your current role and what does a typical workday look like for you?

As a director of operations for Mayo Clinic Laboratories, I’m responsible for our customer and field service teams. I advocate for and lead groups that service our clients either virtually from our contact center or onsite in the field. 

A typical workday for me involves managing a full calendar of meetings with several different teams. I help groups make connections on up-and-coming tools and projects that impact our staff and our clients so they can better serve patients. These tools provide timely information to our clients to improve their ability to interact with Mayo Clinic Laboratories. The direct insights and feedback received from our customer and field service teams allow us to help design a product that will be meaningful to our clients.


How do you think your work benefits providers and patients?

I support staff who are working directly with providers and hospitals daily, either in their local communities or through our call center. With our comprehensive test catalog, we can make testing available to patients worldwide. Helping providers find the right test for their patients leads to better outcomes.


Is there anything about you or your job that others might find surprising?

The last three positions I’ve held were new roles to the organization, with no template or road map to success. I’m a creative person at heart and my strengths lie in project execution. The last few years have been nothing but fun in helping us build and grow in new ways.


Which part(s) of your job is the most challenging, and why?

Competing priorities. My teams, our clients, leadership, and my peers all have things they would like to get done. Time and resources are finite; recognizing and managing both is critical to our success in achieving results and meeting needs of others.


What gives you meaning and purpose in your work?

I support a large team of several different work units. I find meaning and purpose in helping develop people for their next opportunity, even if they don’t see it coming yet. I’m a strong believer in leading where you are, even if you don’t have a title of manager or leader. There is no greater satisfaction than watching our customer and field service management team grow and develop their teams to take on new projects or expand roles.

Getting to work for Mayo Clinic is an amazing opportunity. But sharing that experience with those around me is what makes the difference.

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