Week in Review: March 3

The Week in Review provides an overview of the past week’s top health care content, including industry news and trends, Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Laboratories news, and upcoming events.

Industry News

COVID-19 deaths remain low compared to previous winters

While COVID-19 remains more deadly than the flu, Minnesota has seen fewer COVID-19 fatalities this winter than in the past. Source: Mankato Free Press

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FDA authorizes first at-home combo flu/Covid test

The FDA authorized emergency use of the first combo COVID-19 and flu over-the-counter test on Friday. Using a nasal swab, the test can provide results in about half an hour. Source: Politico

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Rochester public schools evaluates mental health needs and services throughout the district

Nearly 90% of the emotional wellness workers estimated that 25% or more of the students in their building struggled with mental health. Source: Post-Bulletin

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Chantell Canfield

Chantell Canfield is a web content coordinator for Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She began working for Mayo Clinic in 2021.