Labor Day Holiday Shipment Schedules

Operational Update

Domestic Clients

For the Labor Day holiday, Mayo Clinic Laboratories' specimen pickup and delivery schedules will be altered. To ensure specimen viability and avoid turnaround time delays, follow the guidelines below.

  • Delays are possible. Shipments sent Friday, Sept. 1, or Saturday, Sept. 2,may not arrive until Wednesday, Sept. 6, when using FedEx or UPS.  To help minimize sample impact, shipping carriers have been adjusted for the best possible outcome.
  • Specimens shipped on Saturday, Sept. 2, via FedEx or UPS may not arrive until Wednesday, Sept. 6. Therefore, the recommendation is to hold samples – especially refrigerated samples – at your facility.
  • Self-shippers: If you choose to ship via UPS or FedEx add additional frozen cool packs to refrigerate shipments and use sufficient dry ice to cover the extended transit time and warm weather conditions.

International Clients

The United States will observe the Labor Day holiday on Monday, Sept. 4. On this day, Mayo Clinic Laboratories will be open; however, sample shipments and deliveries to our facility will not be made by the carriers.

To safeguard your samples, we strongly recommend the following for international shipments:

  • For shipments with a one-day transit time, do not ship on Saturday, Sept. 2, or Sunday, Sept. 3.
  • For shipments with two or three-day transit times, do not ship on Thursday, Aug.31, Friday, Sept. 1, or Saturday, Sept. 2, as these shipments could incur potential delays per U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They may not be delivered until Thursday, Sept.6. Please hold irretrievable samples in stability.
  • Normal carrier deliveries via UPS, FedEx, and DHL will resume Tuesday, Sept. 5. Please ensure “Saturday delivery” is selected on your airway bill when creating shipments if you anticipate your package will arrive at Mayo Clinic Laboratories on Saturday, Sept. 2.

For questions, please contact Customer Service at 800-533-1710 and ask to be forwarded to the Global Logistics specialist.

Samantha Rossi

Samantha Rossi is a Digital Marketing Manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She supports marketing strategies for product management and specialty testing. Samantha has worked at Mayo Clinic since 2019.