Targeted panel boosts accuracy of hereditary pancreatitis testing

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Hereditary pancreatitis, or HP, confers a 40% to 60% chance of developing pancreatic cancer. In this test-specific episode of the "Answers From the Lab" podcast, Linda Hasadsri, M.D., Ph.D., and Huong T. Cabral, M.S., C.G.C., explain how Mayo Clinic Laboratories' curated panel facilitates accurate diagnosis of HP, to guide cancer monitoring.

"Testing for hereditary pancreatitis is recommended for all patients with two or more episodes of unexplained pancreatitis, especially if those episodes — or even just symptoms — started in childhood," Dr. Hasadsri says.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories was among the first to offer testing for HP and has deep expertise with the condition. The lab's next-generation sequencing panel includes the four genes (PRSS1, CFTR, SPINK1 and CTRC) with the strongest causative links to HP.

A number of competitors' panels include additional genes that lack proven clinical utility. "Therefore, any results you get from these genes could be equivocal at best," Dr. Hasadsri says. "Bigger isn't necessarily better — especially when it comes to a complex disorder like pancreatitis."

Mayo Clinic Laboratories' panel also includes a custom-developed Sanger sequencing assay. "That bespoke assay helps us avoid the false positive results seen by other labs. It really can make the difference when it comes to this condition," Dr. Hasadsri says.

Listen to learn more about Mayo Clinic Laboratories' hereditary pancreatitis panel.

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