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Mary Jo Williamson talks resiliency and agility on Fierce Healthcare podcast

Mary Jo Williamson, chief administrative officer of Mayo Clinic Laboratories, joins the “Fierce Healthcare” podcast to discuss organizational resiliency and agility in the changing healthcare landscape. She shares her thoughts on managing challenging market forces while staying true to an organization’s mission, vision, core values, and people.

Williamson discusses strategies that leaders can use to stay proactive, the importance of storytelling to stay connected to the mission, and remaining agile for inevitable changes that require teams to pivot.

“I think consistency is so important in how you talk about and marry your actions to that mission,” says Williamson. “At Mayo Clinic Labs, we often take a step back when we’re making significant decisions or sometimes less significant decisions to say, ‘What is the lens of our mission in how we’re making this decision, and does it still make sense?’”

Williamson explains how storytelling is a powerful tool that enables employees to keep grounded by what ties them together and reinforces the mission as a central guiding force. This in turn helps to foster an environment of resiliency and optimism.

“We use storytelling as a way to continue to reinforce and show living examples of how members of our team are delivering acts every day that really emphasize the core elements of our mission and exemplify why those core elements are so important,” says Williamson.

Listen to the podcast episode.

Luci Gens

Luci Gens is a marketing manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She joined Mayo Clinic in 2022 and has over ten years of experience in hospital-based marketing and communications.