Neurology study validates Alzheimer’s assays

Case Study

A good testing collaborator will offer a test menu that covers a diverse range of subspecialties, addressing both prevalent illnesses and rare disease states. Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ BioPharma Diagnostics team facilitates specimen collections and access to archived samples to support clinical trials and diagnostic validation projects that advance healthcare.

The following example demonstrates how BioPharma Diagnostics collaborated with a research healthcare company to meet their clinical and research testing needs. Identifying information has been removed.


A research healthcare company is evaluating the clinical performance of three assays designed to aid in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of cognitive impairment. The study aims to validate the new assays in two well-characterized cohorts with the goal of showing concordance to positron emission tomography (PET), under consideration of additional clinical information.


BioPharma Diagnostics provided annotated and banked cerebrospinal fluid samples from an Alzheimer’s archive at Mayo Clinic. Those samples were tested on the company’s assay in the Clinical Immunoassay Laboratory, providing clinical validation of the assay.

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Luci Gens

Luci Gens is a marketing manager at Mayo Clinic Laboratories. She joined Mayo Clinic in 2022 and has over ten years of experience in hospital-based marketing and communications.