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Activity Metrics Dashboard

Introducing Activity Metrics Dashboard

We’ve heard your feedback and created an Activity Metrics Dashboard on to provide a more integrated, intuitive, and customized experience on our website.

For help or additional questions regarding our Activity Metrics Dashboard, please contact us or reference the user guide.


Benefits of the Activity Metrics Dashboard

With the Activity Metrics Dashboard, you can spot trends in your data, identify underlying process gaps and ordering issues that affect your metrics, and use this information to drive continuous improvement initiatives. You can interact with data for Canceled Tests, Critical Callbacks, Revised Tests, Service Touchpoints, Turnaround Time, and Volume reports from the Activity Metrics Dashboard. In addition, the Summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of each metric. All dashboards present historical data for the past 24 full months.

Using the Activity Metrics Dashboard, you can view information as needed in near-real time — the dashboards are updated daily, versus monthly. The data can be filtered and manipulated as needed, and it can also be exported in a variety of formats.

Activity Metrics Dashboard includes the following dashboards:

  • Summary: Highlights of key metrics from all the other dashboards.
  • Canceled Tests: Details on order cancellations involving pre-analytic and specimen handling issues, including lost specimens.
  • Critical Callbacks: The number of calls you received on critical test results and what percentage of them met callback criteria.
  • Service Touchpoints: Total service touchpoints from Mayo Laboratory Inquiry, listed by primary and secondary reason code.
  • Turnaround Time: Calculated from specimen receipt at Mayo Clinic Laboratories to reporting of results.
  • Volumes: Orderable volume of tests by client account number.

How to launch the Activity Metrics Dashboard from

1. At top right, click My Dashboard.

2. Log in, if you haven’t already done so.

3. On your Dashboard, click the METRICS & REPORTS icon.

4. Below, click the Activity Metrics tab.

4. Below the tab, click the Launch Activity Metrics button.

We appreciate your feedback and partnership as we continue to make a great tool and resource for you. If you have any feedback, please submit it by clicking on the feedback link on the corner of this page.


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