Biopharma solutions for moving modern medicine

Inspired by Mayo Clinic’s tradition of collaboration to break down barriers, expand knowledge, and change medicine, BioPharma Diagnostics brings unmatched expertise and quality to each project. Whether supporting clinical trials, advancing innovative solutions, developing novel assays, or performing specialty testing, our services align Mayo Clinic resources with our partners’ needs. Together, we have the power to move modern medicine.

Targeted approaches.

Tailored solutions.

Transformative results.

Leveraging more than 60 labs and 4,500 experts, we’re able to provide our partners with a test menu that’s been developed through constant innovation and delivers the most precise results to patients. Our team of doctors, researchers, and scientists who use this test menu each day are able to provide expert interpretation and guidance even for the most complex cases and rarest diseases.







Concentrated strategies, cutting-edge capabilities

With leading-edge infrastructure and expertise, we offer precision approaches to clinical trial testing, assay development, sponsored testing, and biospecimen support.

Clinical trial testing

With 4,400 laboratory tests and pathology services, plus a range of research tests, we’re able to expertly facilitate industry-leading trials across a diverse range of subspecialties, addressing even the rarest disease states. This empowers our partners to effectively execute concentrated strategies for clinical trials.

Assay development

By leveraging the powerful clinical and research assay development knowledge of Mayo Clinic, we’re able to provide expert teams of laboratory, medical, and business professionals to develop and launch tests customized to individual therapeutic strategies. Through collaboration with our partners, we drive precision medicine development to meet each patient’s needs.

Sponsored testing

We partner with industry leaders to leverage highly specialized tests for identifying disease, confirming efficacy, and monitoring treatment in even the most complex cases. By collaborating across the industry, we’re ensuring patients receive targeted therapies for optimum results.

Biospecimen support

We provide access to a collection of biospecimen and biomedical data that offers a wealth of information to identify new treatment options, therapeutic targets, and disease patterns. In delivering these vital assets, we’re allowing partners to focus on finding new treatments.

Biopharma Diagnostics Laboratory

Our flexible lab space provides the resources you need for assay development, instrument or assay kit validation projects, remnant sample acquisition, and co-development opportunities. This means we’re able to align our infrastructure around partners’ objectives.


Let's dial in your diagnostics, development, and discovery.

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