Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ MayoComplete Melanoma Panel is a comprehensive test that better informs the prognosis and treatment of melanoma. It can be applied to unusual tumors that haven’t yet been identified as melanoma as well as melanomas with complex molecular structures.

By Kevin Ritchart • August 15, 2023

Mayo Clinic Laboratories has developed a new colorectal cancer test, the MayoComplete Colorectal Cancer Panel (Mayo ID: MCCRC), in response to the latest recommendations for testing and treatment from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

By Kevin Ritchart • August 1, 2023

Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ new MayoComplete Lung Cancer Panel (Mayo ID: MCLNG) provides more information than single-gene assays and faster results than a comprehensive solid tumor panel that covers hundreds of genes.

By Kevin Ritchart • June 20, 2023

Mayo Clinic researchers are now using artificial intelligence (AI) systems to help increase polyp detection during colonoscopies and identify colorectal cancer at an early stage. Like facial recognition software that recognizes faces, this AI tool is being trained to recognize polyps. It works alongside the physician during a colonoscopy, scanning the video feed and drawing boxes around polyps that may otherwise have been overlooked due to their subtleness.

By Luci Gens • March 7, 2023

The MayoComplete Liquid Biopsy Panel offers a noninvasive alternative to traditional cell-based biopsies. This allow for faster turnaround time and the ability to perform molecular DNA testing in cancer patients where tumor tissue isn’t available.

By Kevin Ritchart • January 3, 2023